Payment methods


The payment conditions will be those authorized by the Credit area in accordance with the provisions of the Credit Policy and stated in the Commercial Agreement and/or in the conditions established in the quotes for engineering products.

Payments must be made through deposits or transfers via the Internet, to the bank accounts authorized by our Credit and Collection area, citing the invoice number that you pay. Failure to comply with the payment commitment on the due date will generate default interest at a rate equivalent to twice the TIE (Interbank Balance Rate), applicable during the period of default, plus collection costs. The credit term that Nakton grants to its clients will be the one approved by the Credit and Collections area. Invoices may be issued in US dollars.
The payment terms will be those agreed in the respective sales policies for each product line or in the respective quotes, always referring to the date of invoice issuance.


The sale prices contemplated in an offer and/or price list DO NOT include the value added tax. The same will be added to the net price on the invoice as the case may be.