Returns and Exchanges


Only stock products will be accepted in return and in 30 days, for this, the Client must obtain the written authorization of ByCariola. The equipment must be sent to our address and freight paid. The warehouse classification is subject to change without prior notice and the classification that the product had when the order was entered will be valid. These circumstances do not exempt the Client from paying for the equipment subject to return. When the return is caused by reasons attributable to ByCariola, the corresponding credit will be granted including all transportation costs. ByCariola reserves the right to accept Product returns and conditions the same that the equipment and packaging are in perfect condition and absolutely unused. For the returns that will be accepted through the Commercial Agreement, they will be governed by the criteria and times established therein.


ByCariola is not responsible for non-compliance or delay in compliance due to the observation of any regulations, orders, acts, instructions or priority requests issued by any federal, state or municipal government or by any department or agency thereof, civil authority or military, acts of God, fires, floods, strikes or other labor difficulties, acts or omissions on the part of the Buyer, embargoes, war, hostilities, disturbances, shipwrecks or transport delays or due to any other strange cause not attributable to the Seller. In case of delay in compliance due to any of the above-mentioned causes, the delivery date or the execution time will be extended for a period of time that is reasonably necessary to overcome the effect of the delay, without any penalty. . Any contractual clause related to penalties for untimely deliveries, will be voided if any of the conditions mentioned above is presented during the period of manufacture and transport of the products.


ByCariola guarantees all products in all their parts and workmanship, as well as any manufacturing defect, from the date of delivery and under the following conditions: To make this guarantee effective, no higher requirements may be required than the presentation of the purchase invoice and the product directly at the factory or with the Distributor where it was purchased. ByCariola undertakes to repair or change the defective product without any charge to the customer, or to deliver a Credit Note that covers the cost of the product. A warranty claim on our products does not exempt the customer from paying the invoice or any payment obligation that they have with ByCariola, such as advances, negotiated progressive payments, invoices or others.

This warranty is not valid in the following cases:

  • If repairs or modifications are made to the products by persons not authorized by the company and without the approval of the ByCariola guarantee area.
  • If it has suffered essential, irreparable and serious deterioration or damages suffered as a result of a bad application or use attributable to the user. (Wear, rust, cracks, bumps, violated seals, missing labels, missing parts, etc.)
  • If they have not observed the warnings indicated in the manuals, catalogs and product labels.
  • If the warranty is untimely.

The responsibility of ByCariola derived from the malfunction of a product, is limited to covering the product warranty and does not assume any type of additional cost derived from lost profits, damages to third parties or consequential. All the expenses that are generated by works that ByCariola carries out derived from the claim for guarantee of a product and that this does not proceed, will be charged to the client.