Shipping Info


We ship to the United States of America and Puerto Rico.
FREE SHIPPING on orders $35 and above. On order $34.99 and under the cost is $3.99.
Estimated delivery times are 3 to 7 business days once the order is confirmed.
Delays in estimated delivery times may occur due to the COVID-19 health emergency.


Seller accepts orders subject to the factory’s available capacity at the time of receipt, its ability to source raw materials, as well as any government-imposed priority or law that is or becomes effective during the manufacturing process and that , in one way or another affect the estimated or promised delivery time. Products that are in stock will be processed immediately. The delivery times of the Products not available in the warehouse, are estimated and will be subject to the delivery times offered by the parent company, to the potential inconveniences inherent to the transport and nationalization of the products and to the buyer providing all the essential data in a timely manner. for the execution of the work. ByCariola will not be responsible for delays caused by strikes, fires, delays of the suppliers of materials or any disorder beyond the control of the company. In these cases, delivery will be postponed for as long as is necessary. ByCariola does not accept penalties of any kind in the orders placed by its clients and / or in the purchase-sale contracts that it enters into, unless they have been accepted in writing by a ByCariola Legal Representative. The Seller will not be responsible for any loss, real or consequential damage that originates to the client or to third parties, due to delays in the delivery dates of the Products. The Seller is empowered to make partial or total remittances and to bill separately. In the case of special products, Ensambles, the delivery period does not begin to elapse until the Buyer receives a written confirmation of acceptance of the order from ByCariola.


ByCariola, packs its products in a way that ensures their identification and integrity during handling and transportation to the destination if the customer is charged. Special packaging may be made with an additional charge, if the Buyer requests it.


The handling and loading of the merchandise from the platform of our means of transport will be at the Buyer’s risk and expense. The Buyer must comply with the requirements indicated for the purposes of receiving the merchandise in a way that satisfies the requirements of the insurance contracted, otherwise, the merchandise travels at its own risk and expense. The cost of express shipments or through other transport companies that are not selected by ByCariola, will be paid by the Buyer.


ByCariola is not responsible for non-compliance or delay in compliance due to the observation of any regulations, orders, acts, instructions or priority requests issued by any federal, state or municipal government or by any department or agency thereof, civil authority or military, acts of God, fires, floods, strikes or other labor difficulties, acts or omissions on the part of the Buyer, embargoes, war, hostilities, disturbances, shipwrecks or transport delays or due to any other strange cause not attributable to the Seller. In case of delay in compliance due to any of the above-mentioned causes, the delivery date or the execution time will be extended for a period of time that is reasonably necessary to overcome the effect of the delay, without any penalty. . Any contractual clause related to penalties for untimely deliveries, will be voided if any of the conditions mentioned above is presented during the period of manufacture and transport of the products.