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The General Terms and Conditions of Sales that are stipulated below and any supplement that may be attached to them, constitute the total and firm expression of the contract for the sale of products or services (hereinafter referred to as Product) of ByCariola. (Who hereinafter will be called The Seller) to The Buyer, and replaces all quotes, purchase orders, correspondence or communications, whether oral or written, previously held between the Seller and the Buyer. THE CONTRACT FOR THE SALE OF THE PRODUCTS IS EXPRESSLY LIMITED TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE SET FORTH IN THIS DOCUMENT. NO ADDITIONAL OR DIFFERENT TERMS PROPOSED BY THE BUYER ARE ALLOWED UNLESS THE SELLER EXPRESSES HIS WRITTEN CONSENT. There will be no other contract other than the one provided here, which cancels any other previously written. By the mere reception of our products, the clauses of this document are understood and accepted.


No amendment or modification made to this document or any declaration, representation or guarantee that is not contained in this instrument, will be binding on the part of the Seller. The transactions carried out previously, the use of the branch or a history of faithful fulfillment are not relevant to determine the meaning of this contract even when the accepting or acquiring party had knowledge of the nature of the performance and the occasion for the objection.


All prices published in the corresponding lines are subject to “Change without Prior Notice”, as well as the following conditions: Decrease or Increase in factory prices on the date of shipment, for import orders. In the event of price increases or decreases, the equipment pending shipment will be invoiced at the price in effect on the shipment date. If the delivery of the product is delayed by decision or programming of the client, the prices at which it is invoiced will be those in force on the date of shipment. Any price variation will become effective on the date of appearance of the new list, letter, telegram or website where the new prices and / or discounts are announced.


All quotations are subject to the General Conditions of Sale. Written quotes will be valid for 30 days, within which they will be subject to modifications with prior notice or may be canceled in advance by means of a written notice. Verbal quotes, unless accepted, expire the same day they are made. The Seller must receive a written purchase order the same day the award is notified, otherwise, the value of the award may be subject to renegotiation. Verbal purchase orders are not valid. When prices are firmly quoted for a product (s), they are final as long as the following conditions are met: The purchase order is accompanied by the technical specifications in accordance with those of the seller’s offer. The products are dispatched, and / or the services purchased are provided in the time agreed in the purchase order.


The Seller may suspend the order by written notification without incurring any liability on his part if the Buyer requests to extend the original delivery date for more than 1 month or if he breaches any of the terms contained in this document. The order can be canceled by the customer only in writing and against payment of the cancellation charges.


All orders are subject to acceptance by an authorized person of ByCariola.

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